teal grunge backgrounda female dancer in a white dress


is the only way

to run away without leaving home.

Twyla Tharp

The purpose of


is washing the dust of daily life
off our souls

Pablo Picasso


enables us

to find ourselves and lose ourselves
at the same time

Thomas Merton


in itself,

is an attempt to bring order
out of the chaos

Steven Sondheim

FAN—Where friends meet friends to support the arts!

Funding Arts Network (FAN) is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the visual and performing arts programs in Miami-Dade County through member-supported grants.

FAN’s cultural and educational programs enhance the involvement, appreciation, and awareness of the arts in our community for all FAN members.

FAN’s financial support to the arts community helps foster a healthy environment, cultural diversity and economic stability.

An Exceptional Level of Giving

Over the past 28 years FAN has awarded more than $6.1 million to fund more than 700 programs presented by 115 visual and performing arts organizations in Miami-Dade County, including $200,000 in 2022 to support a unique awards program entitled the FAN AWARE (Artistic Works Addressing and Rethinking Equity) Grants Initiative.

Funding Arts Network is dedicated to the cultural enrichment of Miami-Dade County by providing FAN-funded grants for programs presented to the public by local visual and performing arts organizations.

FAN hosts educational and social events for members throughout the year.

  • Quarterly luncheons that feature programs focused on aspects of the arts;
  • Cultural Camaraderie events to attend performance and exhibitions of FAN-funded programs;
  • Curated cultural programs organized specifically for FAN members.

What FANS Say…

So wonderful to get these updates on all the good work FAN is doing. As the note says, we are very proud to be a member of an organization that is doing so many good things to help out in these challenging times.

Thank you for the absolutely seamless planning and execution of the recent Cultural Camaraderie. Not only the dazzling content of the exhibition, but the flawless and informative narration by the curator. Lunch was terrific. The perfect conclusion to a truly lovely morning.

Our Cultural Camaraderie today was an engaging and informative tour of Art after Stonewall at Frost FIU.

My husband and I were bowled over by the evening!  We’re fans of the musician Terence Blanchard, know him to be a great “horn player” and a composing genius, so this event thrilled us to the core. The dinner with FAN members was also delightful.

It is an honor to belong to FAN…. Congrats to all…

I was pleasantly surprised taking a chance on a style of dance and music I am not prone to seek out.  That is one of the wonderful advantages of being a FAN member.  I find that the Arsht rarely disappoints, and this was a brilliant performance interweaving media, techno style music, and African/American dance.

Every time I attend a FAN event, I walk away amazed how fabulous it was. How much there is to see, experience and learn.

I thought the performance was outstanding! I loved every moment! What a week to belong to FAN! Many thanks again for making it all happen!

Thank you! I’m so proud of our FAN family.


You did a fabulous job organizing the Screening process. I know it wasn’t easy for you but it was great for the participants. It went like clockwork.

Such a well organized zoom screeners meeting! The presentations worked seamlessly and there was not a single person nor a single presentation missing. I have enjoyed the process but would never have been able to do so much of this without the calm and thorough guidance I received. Thank you again

Best Screening (quaranscreening) process ever!!!  The experience was entirely pleasurable and painless for me. Congrats.

My belated CONGRATULATIONS on a most enjoyable and informative morning. Although we could not be with our awardees in person, it was very nice to “meet them” via the webinar and learn about their projects. We can indeed be VERY PROUD of the work FAN is doing. Looking forward to more successes and to seeing our members in person.


in grants awarded since 1996


Dade-County arts programs received FAN grants


different art organizations got support through FAN grants


years providing funding for local visual and performing arts programs

Members Only Portal

An exclusive web resource for FAN members. On this password protected site FAN members can access the member directory, calendar, complete event registrations, create photo galleries, get member news and updates, and more.

calendar on an iPad

A Message from the Funding Arts Network President

Dear FANS,

Many of us have mastered the “new world” of technology and are now active participants in a variety of Zoom events, including FAN’s ZOOM programs.

We are learning how to navigate the screens in front of us and understanding the lingo required to participate online.

This month I want to talk about ‘MUTE’ and ‘UNMUTE.’

In many ZOOMs, we are automatically muted by the host. We only occasionally get the chance to unmute ourselves and get the opportunity to verbally comment, or chat casually with a friend on the screen.

Please UNMUTE yourself!

Hearing, loud, music, sound, sound on, unmute icon

Are you ready to volunteer and be part of FAN’s future?

Do you have some time to volunteer and join a FAN committee?

Interested to participate and become involved?

FAN committees are a fun way to meet other FANs, and ‘UNMUTE”.

We are a very talented group of people, lots of skills, lots of ideas and now, many of us have lots of time as we stay at home. Take a look at our committee list and let me know where you might like to invest your time.

  • Communications
  • Grants
  • Membership
  • Programs
  • FAN’s 25th Anniversary Committee

We need more hands, more expertise and more member volunteers. I would love to hear from you.


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